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It was reported by the Team1260 radio station this morning that P.K. Subban was offered a $2.75M / year contract with a two year term. Then the debate began about how this seems low for a skill set like Subban’s. Now it has been reported by 630CHED via RDS that Subban has rejected the deal.

Would you, loyal Edmonton Oilers Fan, want Subban here in Oil Country? And if you do…what would you be willing to do to get him? I for one do want Subban in Edmonton. I feel he would be the perfect fit on this young team. He can skate, he hits, and he fights. He’s also got a reputation for being a pest, which is exactly what the Oilers need. The knock on Subban is that he’s got an attitude issue and that he likes the spotlight too much. In Edmonton, that might be a good thing to get that spotlight off the kids and on to someone else for a while.Here’s what I would be willing to do to get him…


With Subban being an RFA, a team could sign him to an offer sheet and for the Montreal Canadiens to either match it, or take the Draft Pick compensation. I think you could probably get Subban to sign a deal at $4.5M / year for 3-4 years. The issue with the offer sheet is that there’s no guaranty that he will sign to play for the Oilers. But who’s to say he wouldn’t either? Nothing ventured nothing gained right? I would prefer to try and get him this way, rather than trade for him. I don’t believe we will be a lottery team again at the end of the upcoming season, and therefore the picks won’t necessarily mean as much as they have in the past three drafts. and with a dollar value that isn’t outrageous, the compensation wouldn’t be that bad either. If Montreal were to match, then no team will get Subban for at least one season as Montreal would not be allowed to trade him for that long. This way no one else has the ability to get him (for a year anyways), as I’m sure Montreal would not want to trade him within the Eastern Conference, if given a choice.



The offer sheet mentioned above works under the assumption that Subban would want to come to Edmonton in the first place. If the Oilers were to trade for him, that issue is removed from the equation. I believe we have enough assets to get the job done. I would imagine for Montreal to make a deal they would want a Defenseman coming back the other way. I also think they may want to dump the Scott Gomez contract if possible. I don’t think I would make any deal that included Scott Gomez.

I could envision a deal that would send Ales Hemsky, &  (insert D-Prospect here) or possibly a Theo Pekham & a 2nd round Draft Pick might get the deal done. If not, then I am sure we do have a package that could work, and i for one hope that GM Steve Tambellini explores any and all possibilities to try. I am not a huge Subban fan, but I am a fan of better defense here in Edmonton.


I would like to know what you think about trying to get P.K. Subban here in Edmonton. How would you approach it? What are you willing to give up or not give up to get him, and do you even want him here?? Silly trades that would see Horcoff & Vande Velde need not comment, I want your real thoughts on what you think is a good deal in a “Hockey” transaction.

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  • Jeff Chapman

    If Eberle was part of the mix, I’d have to seriously think about it.

    • Cody Anderson

      I am assuming you mean if we had to include Eberle or one of the other big 4 it would be a hard trade to do?????
      No way I give up one of the studs for him.
      If his attitude is what i have heard…..keep him the hell away. if that is just the media blowing up a passionate moment from a good kid then talent wise he would be a great addition as long as you didn’t have to give up any of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov, Gagner, Smid, Petry, N Scultz, J Schultz, or Klefbom.

      • Jeff Chapman

        Giving up one of the kids is exactly what I’m talking about. Assuming Grant’s idea of landing him via offer sheet doesn’t work, you’d have to give up something of high value.

  • Grant Pegden-Wright

    ummm… I assume you have been drinking, or maybe i have been and am reading you comment wrong. what do you mean?

    • Jeff Chapman

      Slightly off topic, what do you think the chances are the Oilers let Hall or Eberle get to July 1st next year without a contract? If the Oilers go balls to the wall for Subban, I’d be a bit concerned about the retribution offer sheet from Montréal.

  • Joey

    So basically you think Mtl will give up an all-star d-man for nobody. Hey, if you’ve heard they ran Gauthier out of town so you lost your chance for a steal.

    All those soon to be stars….no way you can keep all of them under the cap. You need to make room anyway. Mtl doesn’t do a deal for PK without one of the big kids coming back.

  • Grant Pegden-Wright

    joey… actually i suggested that hemsky should be going back the other way along with a defensive prospect and a pick. or we could use some other offensive assets in order to make the deal happen. instead of thinking I am trying to make ridiculous trade deals and get all-stars for bags of pucks, read what i suggested. The oilers are never going to give up one of the kids to get a d-man, other wise they would’ve already either at the the draft or during the off season thus far. but since justin schultz became an oiler the priorities have changed. there is no need to give up the future to bolster the present. especially when the possibility of an offer sheet is there, why would we give any of the current roster? which, if you read the post you would see i mentioned would be my preferable choice to acquire subban in the first place.

    • Eric Boudreau

      So you believe that if you sign Subban to an offer sheet that MTL can’t match that you’re going to able to keep all your big 4 under salary cap?? I think you are smoking some crack.

  • Bwoar

    “a great addition as long as you didn’t have to give up any of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov, Gagner, Smid, Petry, N Scultz, J Schultz, or Klefbom.”

    Exactly the reason the Oilers don’t, can’t and won’t improve by trade. It doesn’t make sense for them, nor for other teams. No one would give up an asset like Subban, or a Pietrangelo, or Ekman-Larsson, etc. without getting fair value. Half-worn and injury-prone wingers, lukewarm 3rd pairing D, and 2nd round picks won’t get you the kind of player you’re after. I think the writer is more interested in the offer sheet idea than serious about a trade.

    Straight up, you’re looking at Eberle, RNH, or perhaps the Habs would take Yakupov, but it’s totally unrealistic to pick the phone without being ready to part with one of those players for Subban.

    And for the record, the very last team in the NHL who should be tempting the hockey gods with offer sheets is the Oilers. Deep-pocketed, egotistic owners may see an opportunity for revenge as Edmonton’s kids become RFA’s.

  • Cmd Beaker

    Your offer is TERRIBLE…. One of the worst proposals I’ve ever seen. Bergevin would hang up the phone and laugh at such a ridiculous offer for Subban.

    Subban had 36 points last year, played 25 minutes per game, against the top lines of every team in the NHL and was a +9 playing on the 28th place club in the NHL. He was the Habs number 1 defenceman.

    This offer of Hemsky plus a prospect is a joke…. an injured mess of a RW who costs more and scored the same amount of points as Subban??? And is way older? What a joke.

  • Craig

    I believe offer sheet is the best way. Oilers do have a lot of room to play with. The horcoffs and kabi are coming to the end of their big contracts. And other then the halls eberla and rnh those are the three main to Sign. Yaks still has yet to play so the jury is out on him. Suburban would be a great addition to our blue line. However I would not be offering a major contract that would sacrifice the offence we have accumulated. Besides Oilers are playing it smart and waiting till the CBA is a done deal before the start throwing money around.

  • Troy

    I like the idea of an offer sheet & why not. The price being a 1st, 2nd 7 3rd overall picks are of little confidence when even if he doesnt sign the odds of finding a Subbanish player in any of those 3 rounds are very low. This whole notion of not being able to pay “all those stars” is hogwash when Katz will have no issues spending to the Cap max year in & year out.
    Guys like, Khabbi, Hemsky, Whitney & eventually Horcoff will be off the books within before RNH, Nail or Yak cash in & with 5.7mill in cap space already, theres plenty of room. To have a 4- 5-6mill/yr players, like the Oilers MAY have will be easily affordable

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