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Make It Official - Yakupov Inks Entry Level Deal

Go on and put the Red Scare tactics back in the closet for another year. Nail Yakupov has signed his entry level deal.  The deal is a standard, three year entry level deal.  Cap hit is not yet known, but you can safely assume the 2012 first overall pick might get a bonus on top of his rookie-based salary.

I don’t think Yakupov ever considered playing anywhere other than Edmonton. Now, it’s official.

Check the Yakupov deal off your list.  What’s left to do this offseason?  A second pairing NHL defenceman, and a backup goaltender.

Alright, how about a second pairing defenceman.  Get that, and I”ll be OK.

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  • oilfan72

    @OilOnWhyte are you satisfied that the #oilers have the physical presence to avoid the intimidation and “running” of small skilled forwards?

    • OilOnWhyte

      @oilfan72 Do the #Oilers need to sign a third line player who can ‘protect’ the kids? Only if ‘thugging’ isn’t his only role.

    • OilOnWhyte

      @oilfan72 Darcy Hordichuk isn’t an effective patrolman.

      • oilfan72

        @OilOnWhyte and Eager was notably derelict in responding to on ice incidents at times #oilers

        • OilOnWhyte

          @oilfan72 A LOT of that.

        • 4enzix

          @oilfan72 @OilOnWhyte I think Renee played a roll in that. I think to some degree Eager and Hordichuk were held back. #Neutered

        • oilfan72

          @4enzix @oilonwhyte yes, Krueger does seem to have a different philosophy. Time will tell.

        • OilOnWhyte

          @4enzix @oilfan72 I think of the game on Long Island where Eager went bonkers.

      • oilfan72

        @OilOnWhyte I had thought Konopka might be worthy of pursuit

        • OilOnWhyte

          @oilfan72 A premium is placed on ‘toughness’. I agree it’s an admirable trait, but if that’s the only quality in a player, sign John Scott.

        • oilfan72

          @OilOnWhyte point taken; I agree that tough players need to be able to play. I just hope there is a response for any liberties taken. Thanks

        • OilOnWhyte

          @oilfan72 I agree with you. I just hope that if they invest $2M in a player, he can also play. A response needs to be swift.