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This Is Not The Kind Of CBA Progress I'm Thinking Of

Hat tip to RDS’ Renaud Lavoie for these tweets


So this is what the NHL owners are looking to get with this next CBA. I realize this is just the opening shot of what could be a gruelling round of negotiations, but this is a tremendous amount of real estate to be asking for.  Also, there’s no freaking way the union takes this.

Let’s take a step by step look at these five points.

  • An 11% reduction of revenue-  forget it.  Just move on, this isn’t going to happen.  This is a huge chunk of pay suggested to be taken away from the players, and this will be counter offered with a much higher number than 46%.  The league’s revenue grew exponentially since the last lockout, and there’s not a chance the union stays near 46%.  Deal-breaker.
  • 10 seasons before becoming a UFA-  Again, not bloody likely.  What would construe a season?  10 games?  25 games?  Half a season?  If player X gets into the league full-time at age 22, they wouldn’t receive unrestricted free agent privileges until age 32?  You know as well as I do, this has no chance of happening.  Deal-breaker.
  • A five year contract limit- This is a reasonable stipulation, at least I believe it is.  The players probably don’t want any part of it, but when you see contracts that all but scream cap circumvention like Ilya Kovalchuk’s, this is a fair deal.  Plus, it will protect the New York Islanders from themselves.  This is a reasonable stipulation.
  • No more salary arbitration- There are not enough letters on my keyboard to explain how funny this stipulation is.  Without some major amending, it also has no chance of the union accepting it.  You’re going to take away a huge piece of bargaining power away from an RFA?  Are you encouraging more offer sheets?  Deal-breaker.
  • A five year entry level contract instead of three- again, not a good chance of this happening either.  While I’d love to see Eberle and Hall play for less than their market worth for three more years, there’s absolutely no chance the union goes for this.  You’re basically taking a guy’s honey pot and moving it two years away from him.  No chance.

If you’re using a weather forecast to gauge my hope for an on-time 2012-13 season just took a shot in the gut from “partly sunny” to “overcast”.

Where do we go from here?  We wait to see what the NHLPA strikes back with.  I have a feeling it will be somewhat different from what Renaud Lavoie has for us.

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