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Linus Omark's Curious Qualifying Offer

So Linus Omark got a qualifying offer today.

That’s not something we expected, was it?

This is a guy who voiced his malcontent on Twitter a couple of months back.   This guy played in just 14 games this year, after finding himself at a 40 point pace a year prior.

This guy wanted out.

The NHL Entry draft came, and went.  Linus Omark remained a member of the Oilers, which led me to believe that either 1) no one was interested in his services, or 2) the Oilers didn’t put together a package to acquire a player or a draft pick in return.

So naturally, I thought what I believed most other fans would’ve thought, and that Linus Omark wouldn’t be receiving a qualifying offer, and he’d be another prospect that walks.  It’s not even a surprise anymore, I mean, this team paid Sheldon Souray over 2 million dollars last year to not play for the Oilers, and will pay him another 1.5M this year to not play for the Oilers.

Reminds me a bit of Liam Reddox, who was allowed to sign in Sweden for nothing.  Granted, Reddox wasn’t all angry in public, but this is another prospect who I thought was going walk for zero return.

But on Monday, that didn’t happen.  Omark was qualified with six other Oilers (Dubnyk, Petry, Gagner, VandeVelde, Peckham, and Alex Plante, who I thought would have been voted off the island).  Omark was sent a qualifying offer to remain a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

This ensures that the Oilers will at least retain his rights as an RFA for a bit longer.  I don’t think anyone’s going to come hurling $2M at the guy, but if they did, it would ensure the Oilers would get at least something in return.  Maybe they’re thinking about putting him together in a package deal, or just sending him off somewhere for a draft pick.  (I’m not sure about that last part, if it was going to happen, the draft would’ve been a prime spot for that sort of thing).

And what if something really off the wall happens?  Say Omark accepts the qualifying offer for 875K.  It’d be a two-way deal, so that would lead me to believe he wouldn’t.  But it’s a hard offer, and Omark has expressed much interest in playing in the NHL.  He’d have to blow the doors off of training camp (if he signed, he’d report).  I don’t put this scenario at the top of the list, but wouldn’t rule it out completely.

Most likely, they offered him a QO to retain his rights and nothing more.  I still think Omark has something to offer the Oilers, but if they’re planning on jettisoning him out of town, they at least went about this particular scenario a bit better than previous.

They might actually get something instead of nothing.

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  • heavyoilcountry

    @OilOnWhyte The #Oilers are;
    a) protecting the asset
    b) not wanting to look like the bad guy
    c) giving him one more chance

    • OilOnWhyte

      @heavyoilcountry A and B are smart business practices. I want to know who taught who that this was a good idea. Not yet sold on C.

      • heavyoilcountry

        @OilOnWhyte Well, this is his opportunity to shine & get dealt, so of he walks I would assume he gets a tryout only elsewhere.

        • OilOnWhyte

          @heavyoilcountry That’s a very good point.

        • heavyoilcountry

          @OilOnWhyte He’s leaving 875k on the table here, I can’t imagine he makes more elsewhere (NHL) if he walks.

        • OilOnWhyte

          @heavyoilcountry The only thing that’s keeping me from being sold is the 2 way bit. If it was a one way, I’d say he’d be likely to sign.

        • heavyoilcountry

          @OilOnWhyte Hed be an idiot not to. But honestly, the #oilers would be just as idiotic to offer such a deal for a player they aren’t sold on

        • OilOnWhyte

          @heavyoilcountry It is 875K, and I agree that I don’t think he’d be offered that elsewhere at this point in time. #oilers

        • heavyoilcountry

          @OilOnWhyte the Plante offer was good because the last time they gave up on a guy with concussion issues he went to LA & won a cup

        • OilOnWhyte

          @heavyoilcountry I can get behind a QO to Plante.

        • heavyoilcountry

          @OilOnWhyte IMO, there were plenty of Plante selections in this years 1st rnd of the sraft

        • heavyoilcountry

          @OilOnWhyte Always good chatting with you sir!

        • OilOnWhyte

          @heavyoilcountry Always. Thanks for your time.

  • ibleedoil

    @OilOnWhyte Alternate Title : Hey I Just Dissed You, and This Is Crazy, But Here’s an Offer, So Sign it Maybe?

  • db7db7

    Are we sure it’s a 2 way deal? 875K is a pretty cheap insurance policy against injury. He’d definitely clear waivers going down, although he might get picked up in a recall situation. Either way he would give OKC some nice depth, so when we call up say PRV or Harti, a offensive hole is not created in OKC. It would only make sense for him if it’s a 1 way deal. Otherwise, I’m sure he can make more in the KHL or SEL than he would in OKC in a 2 way situation.

    • OilOnWhyte

      @db7db7 I had to consult CapGeek. From what I’m reading, it would be a 1 way deal if he had 160 games played or greater.

      He’s not close to that.

  • db7db7

    Just found this list of all NHL players not offered qualifying offers.Would Wojtek Wolski be a fit for us? How about Brule? I would 100% send an offer to Guillaume Latendresse or Peter Mueller. Solid 3rd liners with huge frames whom could step up to top 6 if needed.

  • JohanBjorken

     First, qualyfing offers must include at least a 10% raise, so in omarks case about 960k.
    Omark is done in  the oilers,but if he doesnt get a new nhl home before camp starts,he can play it smart and sign a 1 year deal,go true camp and then they send him to ahl, and in his case true waivers and any team can pick him up for free (960k 2 way 1 year contract). And for that low risk deal  hes defiently gonna be picked up and get a shot in a another team. If it doesnt work out that team send him to ahl true waivers again. If nobody pick him up he bolt back to khl.
    another scenario is that many people calculate with a nhl lockout(maybe omark too), and if he signs with the oilers he can showcase himself in khl for that time and hopefully raise some more intrest after  his  wasted  injury season.

    • OilOnWhyte

       @JohanBjorken Hi, Johan.  As far as the ten per cent raise goes, he made less than $1M last year, and I believe he’d only be eligible for a 5% raise.  
      Don’t see why the Oilers would make him an offer if they just planned on throwing him on waivers in the hopes he’d be picked up by some other team.  
      They didn’t let him walk for nothing, now what’s next?

      • JohanBjorken

         @OilOnWhyte Hi! Oilers qualyfied him because they thinks they can include him in a deal for upgrades on other areas. Gags, prv and omark,Pecky and maybe hemsky are tradepieces, omark are only the sugarpowder on the cake in a desired trade. If omark wants to continue playing in the Nhl as he saysl and arent dealt away as supposed, he can accept a 1 year deal which must come sooner or later(if they doesnt let him go ) and go the hard way true camp and then oilers certainly must send him to ahl and he can hope someone claiming him. because if he doesnt sign and he bolts back to europe,then the oilers keeping his rights and his future nhl chances is close to zero.

        • http://oilonwhyte.com Jeffrey Chapman

          I agree with you that he’ll have to be included in part of a deal. It’s Not likely, but I’d love to see him on the big club again.