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"They Have Time To Kill Now, Folks. Time To Kill Now".

With the Los Angeles Kings winning their first Stanley Cup just days ago, it’s hard not to remember some of this franchise’s finer times.  Sure, the eighties were a fine time.  1990 wasn’t so bad, either.  Todd Marchant had a pretty memorable goal against the Dallas Stars in 1997.

Certain memories stick with you.

Something happened six years ago.

Yes, the playoffs, but something happened six years ago to the day – the 14th of June, 2006.

It was this team’s last great moment.

It was a moment where an unlikely candidate emerged and shot life back into a series that could’ve been over with the next Carolina goal.

Game 5, 2006 Stanley Cup Finals.   Enter Fernando Pisani.

An eighteen goal scorer in 2005-06, Fernando Pisani was all over a lacklustre pass from Hurricane foward Cory Stillman.  Pisani let loose a wrist shot in front of Cam Ward that never had a chance.  Shorthanded.  In overtime.  Game over.

Normally, this is where I’d comment about how excruciatingly terrible it’s been since 2006, what with the whole missing playoffs thing. But, not today.  Put yourself in a time machine and go back to when we were all having fun, if just for two minutes.

Thanks again, Fernando.  We had fun.

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  • richieheron

    @OilOnWhyte Still remember it vividly. Was living in London (UK), 4am or so when the goal went in, good times!

  • Briont7

    @OilOnWhyte the goal that took the goat horns off of staios who was in the box? Lol

  • richieheron

    @OilOnWhyte Took an age to remove the coffee stains from the ceiling too

  • zimoil

    @OilOnWhyte oh ya, still watch that on YouTube. Awesome!!

    • OilOnWhyte

      @zimoil I will never not watch that. #Pisani #Oilers

      • zimoil

        @OilOnWhyte me neither bud. My oldest (8) loves watching oiler videos especially that magical run in 06.

        • geoilergist

          @zimoil @oilonwhyte watching highlights from 06 still gives me goosebumps

  • zimoil

    @OilOnWhyte CAN U BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  • ibleedoil

    A few comments:
    This might be one of Bob Cole’s greatest calls ever. “Time to kill now folks, time to kill now.” sends chills down my spine everytime.
    Of course, it’s also one of Bob Cole’s worst pronunciations ever. “Puh-zan-i?” Really Bob?
    Thing that I’ll always remember about this video? MacT and the rest of the coaching and training staff taunting the Canes fans, with MacT holding up six fingers. (Dude is a boss.)

    • OilOnWhyte

       @ibleedoil The dude in the Canes sweater grabbing his crotch was a nice touch as well.  Oh well.
      Next stop:  playoffs.