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Forget Trading Down. Let's Trade Up!

Enough talk about trading down to number 2, and forget about trading down to number 5.

If the Edmonton Oilers are making any 2012 draft-related moves, they ought to trade up.


No, it’s not.  Crazy talk is thinking about trading down for players who might not be an impact in the NHL this year.  If this team can get a top pick out of a series of picks or a player, you’d most certainly take that jump.

The Oilers have seven picks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.  In order, they are…

  • 1st overall (round 1)
  • 32nd overall (round 2)
  • 63rd overall (round 3)
  • 91st overall (round 3, from Penner/Teubert)
  • 93rd overall (round 4)
  • 123rd overall (round 5)
  • 153rd overall (round 6)


Forget the first overall pick, that’s strictly out of the question.  Take Yakupov and get on with it.

Want to grab that defenceman?  Let’s take a look at the two teams with two first round picks, Washington and Buffalo.

Washington has the 11th and 16th overall picks.  Buffalo has the 12th and 21st.  Washington looks like they need something that the Oilers might have.

Barring a freak turnaround, Linus Omark‘s a goner.  He’s expressed that he’d like another shot at the NHL in another city.

It’s also a pretty good probability that Caps Alex Semin would like to test the UFA free agent waters.  You see where I’m headed with this?

Linus Omark might not steal first line minutes from the Caps, but should Semin leave, it would give Omark more than an opportunity to fit in. Omark will also cost considerably less than Semin’s 6.7M cap hit.  It would also give this club the opportunity to get SOMETHING for Omark’s rights instead of NOTHING.

So how about Omark and Edmonton’s second rounder (32nd overall) to Washington for 16th overall?  Throw in a conditional pick if need be.

Now, go on and pick your defenceman.

Cody Ceci (6th overall in North American Skaters)
Olli Maata (8th overall in North Ameircan Skaters)
Hampus Lindholm (4th overall in European Skaters)
Matt Finn (16th overall in North American Skaters)
Derrick Pouliot (12th overall in North American Skaters)
Slater Koekkoek (23rd overall in North American Skaters)

One of those guys (and likely more than one) will be available at the 16th pick.  Heck, maybe even Morgan Reilley or Jacob Trouba would be there.  If Cam Fowler can fall from a projected 3rd pick in 2010 to 12th overall, crazier things could happen.

The Oilers give Omark another chance at the NHL, while they trade up and are now more afforded the opportunity to draft for need.  The team still needs to address defence this offseason, but if the Oilers were able to get a first round defenceman out of Linus Omark and a pick or two, wouldn’t you do it?

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