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Ryan Murray: "The Top Player" or "A Top Player"?

On Thursday, Oilers President and Team Canada GM Kevin Lowe was interviewed by Bob Stauffer on 630 CHED’s Oilers Now about the IIHF World Championship in Finland and Sweden.

They talked of finer things, a bit about Devan Dubnyk, some more about Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Then came a question about Central Scouting’s second ranked prospect, Ryan Murray.  Upon first glance, it sounds like KLowe states that Ryan Murray is “the top player” in this year’s draft.  But upon further review, it may have been “a top player”.

Here’s KLowe with the quote in question.  Listen along on the May 10 edition w/ Kevin Lowe about 8 minutes in

KLOWE: “…there’s no surprise, why Central Scouting has him rated second, he’s (the? a?) top player, and often with the top players…or occasionally with the top players, they’re not ready to play in the National Hockey League, but I don’t question his readiness for next year.”

STAUFFER: “In terms of his on-ice ability, what has impressed you the most?”

KLOWE: “His poise, there’s actually a whole checklist of things, um, his skating, the way he defends, his… passes the puck, but overall the poise, you have to understand, this is…next to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, this is the highest level of hockey you play in the world…”

If Lowe says Murray is “the top player”, it would be a pretty big gaffe into the subconsciousness of this team  If Lowe says Murray is “a top player”, it’s just a giant slab of coy on the top of an already fat coy sandwich.

What do you think?

One thing is for 100% certain:  Kevin Lowe is impressed Ryan Murray’s poise, which is an intangible.  And you know how I feel about intangibles.

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  • RaineSnow

    I thought it was pretty obvious he said “a top player”. Not only did I hear it but given the context of his sentence it only makes sense. Why would Lowe say there is no doubt why central scouting has him ranked 2nd overal, he’s the top player. Saying the top player after that sentence doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. 
    Poor reporting, Staples often looks for cheap hits and I doubt this was any different. Especially when he includes the quote in his title and this quote was a small part of his blog. Cheap hits.
    He could of retracted his statement too, but didn’t. 

    • OilOnWhyte

       @RaineSnow  Bruce McCurdy thinks it could be either way.  I tend to put stock in Bruce.
      I’m not the most ardent defender of Staples, but can you give me another example of how he looked for ‘cheap hits’?  I don’t think it’s 100% obvious either way.  

  • jonrmcleod

    Staples now issues a correction: Correction: Lowe said Murray is “a top player,” not “the top player.” My mistake. http://bit.ly/IIH5zI