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Are The Oilers Really Thinking About Selecting Ryan Murray With The First Overall Pick?

Didn’t see that coming at all.

That’s not an endorsement, but it’s as close to an endorsement without actually being one.  Are the Oilers flirting with the idea of selecting Ryan Murray first overall?

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USPRESSWIRE

If the Oilers are bent on picking Ryan Murray first overall, they really ought to step outside for a minute and consider trading that pick to Columbus.  There’s no way the Blue Jackets would pass on Yakupov.  Slam dunk.

If the Oilers are going to pick first and they pick Murray, that’s just plain stupid.  Not because Ryan Murray wouldn’t be a fine addition to the Edmonton Oilers hockey club (read:  he would), but using the number one pick on the player that isn’t the consensus number one player is wasting possible return.

Again, I don’t have a problem with the Oilers picking Murray as their first pick, just not the first overall pick in the draft.  If the Oilers remain first overall, they have to take Yakupov.  There’s no other way about it.

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  • dohfOs

    How have he (Murray) faired with Canada? Only been able to catch one game (the first). Believe it or not but Sweden doesn’t air a single Canada-game on TV. D’OH! ..but yeah, I’d still go with Yakupov. Even with his reckless style of play. I for one wouldn’t mind 2x Hallsys with the Oil.

    • OilOnWhyte

       @dohfOs No Canada games?  Oof.  
      Murray will likely be “the guy” for an NHL team in four or five years.  I have absolutely no problem with Edmonton drafting Murray if they trade down to the second pick.  Maybe Columbus will sell the world for the first overall pick.  
      I have no problem if Edmonton wants to trade down if they can acquire something of value along with Columbus’ pick.  
      But if the Oilers stick with first overall, they’ve got to draft Nail Yakupov,   There’s no other way about it.  

  • kris23

    Good article, I just think theres zero chance jackets take nail (they cant gamble on another russian given nash is leaving town) and I don’t think they take Murray. So you could probably trade down to 3 possibly 4 and get a better return from a 3-4 spot team.