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If Taylor Hall's Recovery Is Going To Take Six Months, Why Didn't He Have Surgery Three Months Ago?

Our hope is Taylor will be ready for the start of next season

That’s Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini on Taylor Hall’s season ending shoulder surgery. This quote comes courtesy of the Edmonton Journal’s incomparable Bruce McCurdy in their March 27, 2012 edition.

Ask questions.

I’m left scratching my head on this one.

In November, Hall was crushed into the boards by Colorado’s Ryan Wilson.  One wondered how Taylor Hall was going to be able to withstand such a mammoth hit into the boards.  After the next shift, Hall went off in obvious pain. Surprising to me was the fact that Hall missed just seven games before making a return to the lineup. I wondered aloud; there’s no way this guy’s shoulder was 100%.

I’m guessing it wasn’t close.  Taylor Hall is also on record saying that his shoulder has hurt for “four years”. dating back to while he was in Juniors.

Hall underwent labral repair surgery.  Wanting to know more about what this surgery entailed, I asked my good friend the Internet.  The response is after the jump.

I’m not an expert on shoulders, it’s true.  As a matter of fact, the length of my shoulder expertise extends to when I fractured my clavicle playing football in grade 10.  Fortunately, you and I live in the times of the Internet.  Because of this fortune, we are able to get information with ease.  Here’s a two minute video that shows what Taylor Hall had done to his shoulder just a couple days ago.

As you can plainly see, three holes are drilled into the bone, held together by some sort of shoelace material.  I’m quite sure that these shoelaces are of the highest quality, and are likely not shoelaces at all.  What am I getting at?  This doesn’t appear to be on the same level of getting your tonsils out.  According to the Oilers, it’s five or six months of recovery.

Let me get out my calculator here.  It’s April, and I’m going to take the slightly longer road to recovery in the interest of the safety of Taylor Hall.  Six months from April is…October.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to shut Taylor Hall down a few months ago, let him get the surgery, and have more than enough time to heal?  If I’ve seen anything from #4 over the past two years, he’d probably try playing if he had two busted legs and half an arm that worked if he was let on the ice.  Why not give him an extra month or two to be ready for camp?

If management didn’t get the idea that by January this team wasn’t a playoff club, they were kidding themselves.  You’ve got three extra months in January, February and March to have the surgery and have a target date of recovery sometime in July.  Or August!

Let camp open, let Hall be 100%, and begin the triumphant march to the playoffs free of worry and pain.

Instead, we’re left wondering if Taylor Hall will be ready for the season opener at all.  And God help me if he’s rushed back into the lineup.

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