Paul Devorski making the worst call of Edmonton's season. Photo courtesy Sportsnet

"We Have No Goal, No Penalty"

I don’t personally know Gene Principe other than he’s the guy who holds up poutine prior to games when the Oilers play the Canadiens.  Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume that this quote is 100% straight.

If this is a conversation that went down between 89 and officials, we have a legitimate problem on our hands.

After the jump, some photos of all that went down.

With just about nine and a half minutes in the third period,  Ales Hemsky appears to score a goal on an easy pass from Jeff Petry while this photo shows  Semyon Varlamov may have overextended himself a wee bit.  Looked a little something like this…

Really? Photo courtesy Sportsnet

Gagner skated through the crease and didn’t so much as breathe on the Varlamov.  Nonetheless, the goal was called back on goaltender interference.  Except, Gagner never impeded Varlamov, and I’m not even sure that Gagner’s skate made contact with Varlamov’s until well after the puck was behind the goal line.

When has making an interference call not warranted a penalty?  I’m assuming that’s why this goal was called back, goaltender interference, right?  But there was never any contact between 89 and 1.  On the replay, it looks like Gabriel Landeskog (92) tries to shove Gagner into the net.  Gagner gets flagged for interference after the goal is scored.  Goal is waived off, no penalty.  I’d include a link to the video, but (not surprisingly) hasn’t added this non-call to their archives yet.

This goal would’ve made the game 2-2, and Taylor Hall’s phenominal tally late in the third would’ve put the Oilers up 3-2.  Instead, Taylor Hall’s tally made the game 2-2, the game went to the shootout, and we all know how that ends.

Seems at least once a year we ask ourselves this question:  Is it now time to expand the role of instant replay in the NHL?  Devorski will likely get off without reprimand after this gaffe.  I’m not looking for the guy’s job, but shouldn’t he and the NHL own up to this mess?

At least a simple apology would be nice.  “Sorry we screwed you out of two points en route to a 29th place finish, guys”.

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