FIFTEEN! Photo courtesy

Nick Schultz To Wear Sweater Number 15

There it is!

In all her computer-pixeled glory, THERE is Nick Shultz’s new sweater number.

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, it’s fifteen. Fifteen just so happens to be the integer between fourteen and sixteen, or Eberle and Buchberger if you prefer.

Now, save all of your nickles, dimes and fifty cent pieces as he’s signed through 2013-14.

Schultz is expected to make his Oilers debut tomorrow night versus the Blues at Rexall Place.


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  • ibleedoil

    @OilOnWhyte There’s not supposed to be an orange outline around the letters. Your pixels are cheap Chinese frauds.

    • OilOnWhyte

      @ibleedoil I noticed this. That’s straight from the NHL shop. Only the finest. #Oilers

      • ibleedoil

        @OilOnWhyte I would be surprised, but after that commercial full of jersey fouls… I’m not.

  • rascalgas

    @OilOnWhyte Schultz is wearing #15? Joe Hulbig’s old number? Surprised it hasn’t been retired yet. #Oilers