Nick Schultz is comin' to Edmonton, and he's bringing his sack a dos with him. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Schultz Acquired From Minnesota For Tom Gilbert

No no no!

GOOD:  Acquiring defenceman Nick Schultz from the Minnesota Wild.  Very good, even!  Schultz has spent his entire career in the Minnesota Wild organization.  Is 6’1″, 200+ lbs.  A real defenceman, plays defence, and is pretty good at doing it.  Four stars.


Let’s act all calm as this matter is QUIETLY RESOLVED ON THE NEXT PAGE.

Let’s not beat around the bush here and call it straight: I like the acquisition of Nick Schultz, I’m just not happy at all that it took Tom Gilbert to get him.

We hope you were able to join us on Twitter today.  Myself, Ian, and the Elusive one Samson were able to pop in and share dialogue with folks about the trade deadline.  On to Nick Schultz…

Nick Schultz is a gamer.  The guy is a solid defenceman.  My problem is that I wish it could’ve come at a lesser price, or at the very least, a very different price.  A somewhat different price. The price is wrong.

Before you come swinging hammers at my door, consider a team with *both* Schultz and Gilbert on it.  You’ve got Smid working around the corner, and Ryan Whitney is there too.

Suddenly, you’ve got four defencemen that can play hockey.

Then, you can go about filling out your fives and sixes.  Maybe Petry emerges as a top guy next year, split the time up with Sutton and Potter who are both under contract.

Schultz comes with a perk:  the guy can play either LD or RD.

Maybe things’ll change.  I’ll go ahead and put some faith in management’s ability to sign a cheap $1-$1.5M defenceman over the summer so that we wouldn’t have to worry about middle pairings. Or bottom pairings.  That, and Ryan Whitney’s ankle is going to be tops come October.  Right?

Maybe this is the year it happens.  I mean, it could.

Although there was no movement for Khabibulin and none for Barker, this year’s deadline  could’ve been a bigger disaster.

Schultz is not expected to appear in tonight’s game versus the Winnipeg Jets.  Grant is live on scene.

Let us watch Nick Schultz bat a puck out of the air like it is a giant mosquito hovering inside a food truck.

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