Wings Double Up Oilers, Gagner Scores Both Oiler Goals

A few story lines made their way into tonight’s game.

Nikolai Khabibulin was going to get the start for the first time in seven games.  Cam Barker was getting his shot to erase an ugly outing in Toronto.  Andy Sutton got the press box for the second time in as many games.  Popcorn is still delicious.

The Wings were able to take down the Oilers by a score of 4-2, keeping Detroit’s incredible 18 game win streak alive at the Joe Louis Arena.  Come along for the game recap, where we’ll dissect a ROCKING good time.

You know, I’d like to shake my fists at the Moon, ask why this had to happen to us, complain that God is an unjust and unfair deity.

But I can’t do that, because they’re the Red Wings, and right now, the Oilers are still the Oilers.  Put it on paper, and this team could’ve been blown out by six or more goals.  That didn’t happen, and I should be happy for that.  Right?  I mean this game was tied at 2-2, right?  Right?


  • The Sam Gagner Express is still taking bookings.  Gagner tallied both Oiler goals (his 12th and 13th on the season), and he currently sits at 36 points on the season.  Over the offseason, I predicted 51 points(22-29-51) for Sammy G.  He’s probably going to hit the assists with no trouble, but if he has another four game stretch like this one, he could hit 51 points by March.  It’s pretty unlikely he carries this magic torch of his for that long, but let’s dream.  Let’s dream of unicorns and Sam Gagner point streaks.  Show the goal.
  • Kind of a freak set of circumstances that set this one up. Seemed all eyes were on Dan Cleary as he was checked into the open bench door by Ben Eager when Ryan Jones got a nine-line pass up to Gagner. Gagner hasn’t missed much over the last week, and if the game was decided on Sam Gagner breakaways, the Oilers would’ve been victorious.  Cleary had to leave the game after this hit, and there’s speculation as to whether it was his knee or otherwise.
  • I really hate to have to keep sucking the life out of everyone who comes here to read these pages, but the defence is the same as it has been for nearly all season.  Rumour around the campfire is that Andy Sutton is being shopped, and it would cause a small explosion in my cerebral cortex if he is dealt and Cam Barker keeps getting plugged into the lineup after this last set of games.
    Now I’d be amiss not to give the gears to Nikolai Khabibulin here too, as the play he made on the puck is really only slightly better than a cholera outbreak, but Cam Barker’s reaction isn’t much better.  Go on, get angry at Eric Belanger if you’d like, but the fire’s already raging out of control by the time it’s his turn.  It’s just not very good, and it ends up into the back of the net.  The fact that it was 2-2 up to this point is really quite something, so I guess Khabibulin can’t be hung out to dry in this one.  But this goal is wholly unnecessary.  The play of the goalie, the response of the defence, it’s just not good.
  • The Red Wings extend their home winning streak to 18 games.  That’s a mind-numbing amount.  I’d take the time to make some Hemsky-to-Detroit joke here, but I’m too tired, and the Hemsky debate is reaching critical mass.  Write your own material this time.

Okay, we’re done with this game.

The Oilers play Ottawa at noon on Saturday before returning home to face the Leafs. 

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