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One of the perks about following the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club?  Never running out of quality material around the Internet.

After the jump, take five minutes and have a look at what I’ve found for you.  It’s like a deep roasted coffee, full of flavour and bold character.

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Eleven Years of Pestilence - Tyler Dellow at MC79.  Ales Hemsky is this year’s goat.  Viva la reconstruccion!

A Narrative Revisted : Hemsky 83 – Romulus’ Apothesis at Copper and Blue.  Study of the media narrative on how Hemsky got where he is today.

Swedish Oil:  really, a page you should bookmark.  Martin Lundén is the biggest Swedish Oilers fan I happen to know, he’s got plenty of insight on Edmonton’s Swedish prospects, as well as an array of other links and trinkets.  Worth the follow even if you only care for Linus Omark, but there’s much, much more.

Would The Oilers Move Sam Gagner? JeanShorts and Bagged Milk – C’mon, really?  Well, maybe.  Gagner is as hot as he’ll ever be right at this moment.  Got any defencemen in that bag of yours, David Poile?

Petry’s Progress – Lowetide takes a look at the uphill strides of Jeff Petry on the Edmonton Oilers’ blue.

Playing Linus Omark- OKC Barons Aficionado Neal! covers what could be a big fourth quarter story for Oilers fans.  Linus Omark is healthy, he’s ready to play, and he’s not going to stop until he fixes that leak in the roof of Rexall Place.

Enjoy these.  I did.  There are plenty more.  Most nights, I don’t agree with everyone that appears here.  Dissent is necessary and awesome.

See something you like that’s not on this list?  Spread it around in the comments section.

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  • ibleedoil

    The first two posts should really debunk a lot of the arguments for getting rid of Hemsky. Or at the very least it’s a total deconstruction of the media narrative. While I’ve come to terms with the fact it’s 90% sure he either gets traded for walks away in free agency, I wouldn’t mind re-signing him to one year deal just to see what coming into a year at full health does for the guy. Lets face it, you could do a lot worse than having Hemsky as a second line RW.

    Hall – RNH – Eberle

    [Power Forward Winger] – Gagner – Hemsky looks pretty good to me.

    It depends on how you want to approach the blueline situation..

    I think we can all agree the Oilers have three top 4 defencemen. Gilbert, Smid, Whitney. (Gilbert and Whitney being 2-3 guys, And Smid being a 3-4 guy.

    Sutton probably gets traded, but if he doesn’t move, I’m good with one more year on the bottom pairing.

    Barker doesn’t get re-signed I hope, and if Peckham does, it’s simply for the Barons.

    That leaves us with Petry and Teubert to slot in as well. Both should be improved heading into next year, but still leaves the problem with shallow depth.

    Maybe the Oilers go for a #1 D in free agency (anyone have the list of pending UFA’s?) and sign a couple of 4-6 capable D men to shore up the depth? Leaving Petry and Teubs to get another year of AHL seasoning?

    If the Oil don’t feel like they can get that number one guy in free agency, then perhaps trading Hemsky is absolutely needed to obtain one.

    If only Klefbom, Marincin, Musil etc were already a little bit older and further along in their careers.