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Strike While The Iron's Hot - Are The Oilers Interested In Marek Zidlicky?


Defenceman Marek Zidlicky has apparently worn out his welcome in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s  5-4 collapse against Nashville was the third game in which Zidlicky has been scratched.  I’m not an expert on the inner-politics of the Minnesota Wild, but if frequent trade name Ales Hemsky was scratched for three straight games, you can bet your last fifty cent piece that he’d be on the next train out of here for a bucket of lukewarm water and a mop.

So Zidlicky’s been scratched for three games, and he’s on the record saying “He (Coach Mike Yeo) doesn’t like what I’m doing“.

Let the bidding begin.

The 34 year old Zidlicky hasn’t been having a career season, it’s true.  He has 11 assists in 34 games this season, and has missed 13 games from a concussion.  Last season, it was the hamstring and shoulder.

With all that being said, he’s a virtual walk on for this club.  He’s got one year left in his contract at $4M.  The Oilers would need to free something up in order to bring him in.

Have your say:  Should the Oilers be interested in acquiring Marek Zidlicky?

  • shanestrain

    @OilOnWhyte absolutely not

    • OilOnWhyte

      @shanestrain I love it. Absolutely not! +1

  • OilOnWhyte

    Khabibulin for Zidlicky. Straight up, let’s do this.

  • Verduci

    @CopperandBlue Is it more of a shame that Zidlicky would help the Oilers, or that they are this bad yet still can’t afford to add him?

    • OilOnWhyte

      @Verduci Both. It’s like going up the seventh time at a dessert bar, there’s no shame anymore.