Jordan Eberle had one assist on the day. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-US PRESSWIRE

A Curmudgeonly Review Of The NHL All-Star Game

Oh, I hate everything.

I admit it, I fully expected this game to be an unexciting, insufferable bore.  It couldn’t have been as tiresome as that tawdry team draft that took place on Thursday, could it?  (As Oilers fans, we’ve seen enough drafts for a while.  Hopefully only one more this summer, right?)

A skills competition that saw Jordan Eberle feed pucks to Jamie Benn as Benn was the target shooter didn’t give me much hope for today’s contest.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had predicted.   This year’s All-Star Game kept my interest throughout the entire sixty minute frame, even though Jordan Eberle was only on the ice for one assist.


My hypothesis as to why I don’t like the NHL All-Star game is probably deeper than where I’m going now, but I’ll try to see if I can sum it up in a paragraph or so.

You’ve got all this talent from all over the world, in one rink, for one night. The game’s atmosphere feels often like a circus, and the players are there on holiday.  They’ve nothing to play for (unless you’re the MVP) and they’re out there just having fun.  I don’t blame the players one bit for this, but if you paid $1K for a pair of seats to see a bunch of guys skating at half speed (and perhaps, half-hungover), I don’t know how I wouldn’t lose my mind.

It’s for the kids, I know.

Anyway, this year’s game was fun.  Tied after one, tied after two, Daniel Alfredsson scored a pair, and Marian Gaborik notched MVP honours.  The game wasn’t a blowout after five minutes, either.  Tied after one, tied after two, and then Team Chara got into the driver’s seat halfway through the third.  It was entertaining.  It was the closest thing to a regular season hockey game could’ve been.  You know, without checking.  Or the chase for the playoffs.  But Carey Price was mic’d up, and Carey Price was pretty fun to hear while he was turning aside shots.  And while I’m a bit sour on the skills competition, there was an exploding puck.


I think I’m more sour on the skills competition because Jordan Eberle really didn’t do anything other than feed pucks to Jamie Benn.  He did have an assist on Patrick Kane’s second period goal.  Here, have a look.  I know, exciting, right?

Maybe the NHL can bottle a little of the excitement from this year and help carry it over to Columbus in 2013?

Okay, exploding puck time.

The Oilers are back in action on Tuesday versus the Avalanche.  Get ready for a thousand and one rumours between now and the deadline.

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