Since just before Christmas, things have gone a little sideways in my life, where writing just wasn’t a priority. Not to mention the Ole’s were sucking wind during that time, which really didn’t inspire me to pound out a piece or three. Well… things have settled down a little bit, enough to permit me to blow off a little steam anyway…

I went to the game on this past Friday vs. The Anaheim Ducks. Let me just say that the heroin laced beer at Rexall really did it’s job to drown my sorrows watching this implosion by the team. I won’t get into too much accept to say that when the 29th placed team plays the 28th placed team in a battle for 27th…I didn’t expect much. But Sure as hell expected a better compete level, effort, try, whatever you want to call it, from the Oilers. Last night against L.A. was a sign that the Oilers knew that Friday night wasn’t good enough.

It seems like fans and media types in this town want me to believe that Ales Hemsky is back. I’ll admit that Ales had a good game last night and was the main reason Hall was able to pot the game winner in O.T. But, please don’t tell me that because Hemsky has two points in his last three games that he’s back to level of play that Edmonton has seen from this player in the past. Some of the more pessimistic types (myself included) might say that Hemsky was taking a little initiative to show-case himself to the Kings for the purposes of getting traded there before the deadline that is looming ever near. Jeff…I know you like Ales and I know that you would like to see him stay in Edmonton, but I hope that the Oilers are able to make a deal happen that will improve our future, rather sign him and keep things more status quo. If we are truly re-building, then lets add some new blood to the locker room and see if it helps.

I am going to say it now, The Oilers are not making the play-offs IMO. I understand that alot of you still would like to see improvement over a 30th place finnish last year. I say, what is the point finishing 12th? I would rather tank it, play the crap out of the kids down the stretch, and make some deals to help improve our team. If we don’t use a lottery pick, maybe we can parlay it into a good trade this year.

Not the most positive of posts this time out, but I am not in a positive frame of mind when it comes to the Oilers right now. And I’m not sure what the Team can do at this point to raise the hopes or demeanor of fans of this team. Either way…

GO Oilers GO!


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