Taylor Chorney And Colten Teubert Are Headed Up To Edmonton

Taylor Chorney - Photo courtesy NHL.com

Colten Teubert and Taylor Chorney are on their way from Oklahoma City to try and patch up the Edmonton Oilers blue.

Teubert was a call up earlier in the year, registering an assist in two games.  Until he was picked up on waivers a month ago by St. Louis,  Chorney had spent time between Edmonton and Oklahoma City.   Chorney was subsequently picked up by the Oilers  after the Blues had exposed Chorney to the waiver wicket.

Chorney and Teubert will likely get decent minutes with Cam Barker needing ankle surgery, Andy Sutton having a tweaked groin, and with Corey Potter out for an undetermined amount of time.

If only there were a way to ‘acquire’ some ‘players’ from another ‘team’.  I wonder how one would go about such a radical idea…


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  • Realoilfan

    I really hope Tom Renney and Steve Tambellini don’t truly believe that this is going to solve the issues on defence. Are Tuebert and Chorney the answer here? Why not package something up and get real help instead of all the band-aid fixes. I know they’re still in a re-build, but why can’t they try and make a trade that will help that re-build? The practice today saw that the 4 d-men we have in yeg today only skated for 20 mins and were removed from practice in order to rest. when are they going to figure out that this d core is way to thin. They did juggle the forward lines today at practice in hopes to give the offence a jump start. Hall will now be playing with Horc and Jones on the second line, while Smytty moves up to play with the Nuge and Eberle.

    • OilOnWhyte

      @Realoilfan As far as Teubert and Chorney go, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see management hold their cards. You’d think they’d be eating through the phone to see who’s looking to move a defenceman, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • WilliamYung

    They should have re-signed Jim Vandermeer. He was one of the few Oilers that outperformed last season, and they just let him go without an offer

    • OilOnWhyte

      @WilliamYung Hi William. I don’t think the Oilers take injuries into account very well. They spent some cash on Barker (injured), Potter was a pleasant surprise (injured), and Whitney is still a question mark. When you have three holes in your lineup, Vandy would fit right in.

      • WilliamYung

        Yes, even though they’ve been near the top as far as man days lost to injury for the past few years, they keep trying to stitch together a defense based on players prone to injury, rookies, sophomores, and AHL’ers. They really messed up the handling of Souray. Actually I though that Sutton was an OK signing, barker not so much, and Potter a very lucky development, but they knew last year that they would need more help on D and surprisingly, Vandy seemed to be one of their better D in many games last year. Besides Vandy is “tough to play against” and help keep teams from taking too many liberties on the kids. @OilOnWhyte