Sutton Suspended

Andy Sutton has been suspended for his third period hit on Gabriel Landeskog. I didn’t understand the penalty as I felt he kept his elbow in, and there no way this should be a suspension. To me this suspension is a message from the NHL to Sutton saying: “You are just too big, so you aren’t allowed to hit anyone anymore.” That’s just absurd! I’m all for taking headshots out of the game, but how can you tell a player that they’re too big to hit someone? Especially when said player did all he could to make sure the hit was legal. Most of the comments on the TSN page seem to agree that there shouldn’t be a suspension, but then most people that comment on there seem to think that either the Leafs or the Habs are the only team on the planet… What do you think, should Sutton have been suspended for being too tall?

  • TheOilogosphere

    In this case, I’m not really sure how Sutton should have made the check? Landeskog was skating down open ice with his head completely down.

    This is a physical sport where body checks are expected, what do you do in this case? Allow the kid to dangle all the way down centre ice with his head down? If Sutton doesn’t make the hit than he isn’t doing his job.

    To me this appears like Shanahan is telling the league to play like Lindros. It’s ok to skate with your head down because Shanaban isn’t going to allow them to take a hit. What is this, novice hockey now?

    Sorry Sutton, but you’re going to be penalized for being 6’6″ and making a hit on an inexperienced player.