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I have been writing my blog “Realoilfan” for just over
A year now, and Jeff here at Oil on Whyte graciously asked me to come and write for him once in a while. After a bit of logistical stuff getting it setup – here I am.

I am very excited about this opportunity and I hope you enjoy my posts! I am not an everyday kind of writer as I have a very hectic schedule at work and at home. I will try to post at least 2-3 times a week though, any one who has been reading my site, knows that this was not always the case.

I hope to start getting a few of you to comment on what I am writing. This is very important to know how you all feel about the content so improvements can be made. It’s also fun hear your feed back.

Now to last nights game…

Altough the Oilers lost to a Vancouver, there are some really good positives that came out of this game. For one, RNH got his first Hat-tirck. Which, by the way if you haven’t heard yet…set a franchise record for fewest number of games to achieve the first Hat-trick to start a career. Also, the Oilers have only scored 5 goals in the three games they have played, and the Nuge has four of them? Do you think the coaching staff and management are going to keep him up after nine games? I do.

After the game, I love the comments that Taylor Hall made referring to the goals as the “garbage” type. I’m sure he was doing it to rip on the kid a little, you know, just for kicks. But, he couldn’t deny that RNH got off to a better start than he did last year.

One of the other really good signs for this club last night was that we were able to dominate an elite team in the west for two periods. If we hadn’t of made some errors at critical moments, we should’ve won that game. This means that coaching is going to have to tighten things up, but that will come as we get 10-15 games in I would suspect. Remember that this team has a bunch of new faces this year and it’s going to take sometime for everyone to gel.


Once I have some time to explore the interface of this site, I will definitely dress my posts up with some pics and video.


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