Sweet Mother Of God, Bruins

Like a freshly scented linen, the 2011-12 NHL season is here.

There were a few games to keep everyone interested – the Leafs took a 2-0 game against the Canadiens, the Penguins outlasted the Canucks in a shootout 4-3, and the Flyers defeated the 2010-11 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins 2-1 in Boston.

Did you happen to catch the opening ceremony in that Bruins / Flyers game?

If you happened to have missed it (or caught a nap during it), I really don’t blame you.

Boston’s pregame ceremony/celebration/speeches with a lectern lasted forever.  Normally, I’m a pomp and circumstance kind of guy.  I love it when sweater numbers get retired, when guys like Steve Yzerman can talk to his people in the stands and reminisce for ten, even twenty minutes.

I’m not sure how I feel about this moving picture  from last night’s Boston/Philly game. Yes, I’m happy that you defeated the Canucks. Yes, I’m happy for you winning your first Stanley Cup in 39 years. And having Bobby Orr around while your festivities get underway is an awesome touch for not only Bobby Orr, but the fans.

And then out of nowhere, Zdeno Chara skates the Cup out onto the ice. Still good.

Then everyone passes it around like it’s the middle of June. The bizarre begins @ 00:30 in the video.

I’m not sure what is more uncomfortable, the passing of the Cup around during the procession in your home-opener, or Doc Emrick struggling for content while it’s happening.

As a fan of the Edmonton Oilers, let me tell you that I was egregiously happy that the Bruins defeated the Canucks for the Cup.  But in that same breath, this procession borders on both the mundane and hilarious at the same time.

Ah well, good for the Bruins, even with your feature-length on-ice pregame festival.  I wish the Oilers could have problems like this someday.

IF you are entering a four-day weekend to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday, enjoy it.  Sunday Night is the season opener for the Oilers, and you might want to keep a few extra wobblypops at your disposal.  Win or lose, you’re going to need them.

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