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Some things I could do without:

  • Overtime variation (four minutes of 4-on-4 followed by three minutes of 3-on-3):  Look, I like hockey.  But when sixty-five minutes have been played in a regular season game, call it a tie already.  You get a point, the other team gets a point, everybody’s happy.  I’d be *thrilled* to have the Oilers slide into Detroit and come away with a point on most nights.  The Red Wings would probably take it personally that they conceded a point to the Oilers, but they walked away with something.  This turned into more of a rant against the shootout, but let’s keep it to one overtime period a game, please.
  • Changes only permitted on-the-fly (except after goals and upon manpower changes):  The league has already implemented this rule on icing.  If my goalie freezes the puck, I get a line change.  That’s the rule.  Don’t touch it.
  • All penalties to be served in their entirety:  I don’t think anyone’s ready for this.  A pedestrian hooking call yields a goal for the opposition?  Okay, you made your point.
  • No icing permitted while shorthanded:  If I’m down on a five-on-three, I’m shooting the puck in the opposite end each and every time I see the puck on my blade.  Call icing.  I dare you.

Rules need to be changed and augmented to fit with the style of game at any given time.  The trick is to make subtle changes so that the game can grow with the needs of the players.

In other words, less is more.

To see the entire list of experimental rule changes, drag your pointer to this coloured text right here.

What rule changes would you like to see made in the future?

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