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By The Numbers - #28 Ryan Jones

The newly contract-laden Ryan Jones is next up on our player-by-player season recap.

NAME: Ryan Jones


DOB: 14 JUN 1984 (27 in a week and a half)


NUMBERS: 18G-7A-25 PTS, 34 PIM in 81 GP

2010-11 SALARY/CONTRACT: $975,000, signed new 2 year deal for $1,500,000 yearly ($1.5M cap hit) until July 1st, 2013


Boy, everybody’s talking about Ryan Jones these days.  Getting yourself a new contract is an easy way to have that happen.

A fourth round pick in 2004 by the Minnesota wild, third line winger Ryan Jones embodies what it is that we like about hockey players.  His effort cannot be questioned, and he genuinely seems to enjoy his time on (and off) the ice.

Jones tied for second on the Oilers with 18 goals (Eberle), and 15 of those 18 came while the club was even strength.  Throw on top that 18 is a career high for Ryan Jones, and all arrows are pointing up for the guy in the 28 sweater.


Jones was acquired from the Predators’ waiver wicket in March, 2010.  As stated in the previous post about his contract, Jones embodies pretty much everything that hockey fans like in a third line guy- he’s got a solid work ethic, he’s always hurling himself at something , and in 2010-11 he was rewarded with a career year in goals.  He’ll drop the gloves if he needs to, he’s your everyman.  And his new 2 year/$3M contract is worth that kind play.


When listening to Jones on The Team1260 earlier in the week, even he sounded a little bit surprised that he ended up with 18 goals this year.  When asked if he saw 20 in his future, he responded with “I’m a 15+ kind of guy”.  Quick maths would suggest that’s about $100K a goal.  If I could get every other Oiler forward to score as many goals per $100K in their contract, I’d be pretty satisfied.  I’d settle for half that number on a lot of them.

Stats show that Jones had a year where there was a tonne of opportunities given up when he was on the ice.  Jones is a crasher and a banger, and it’s almost to be expected that Jones will be the last guy back if he’s always bull-rushing the opponent’s net.

If Jones can finish with similar numbers on offence as last year, I’m pretty sure that you and I will be happy with it.  14G-10A-24PTS would be just fine so long as Jones’ effort doesn’t waver.

Next player:  #29 Martin Gerber

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