Smid on the prowl. The pregame skate prowl. Photo courtesy Edmonton Journal

By The Numbers - #5 Ladislav Smid

FINALLY, our third instalment of By The Numbers will be a look at Ladislav Smid, defender of the blue.

NAME: Ladislav Smid



DOB: 01 FEB 1986 (25)

NUMBERS: 0G-10A-10PTS, 85 PIM in 78 GP

2010-11 SALARY/CONTRACT: $1,400,000, will be RFA July 1st, 2011


Here’s where it gets a little difficult.

Ladislav Smid is one of my guys going into the 2011-12 season. A second or third with a (hopefully) healthy lot of Oilers, and if the money stays right this offseason, it should be a slam dunk for Tambellini and Co.

Solid. That’s what Ladislav Smid is. Definitely not a scoring champion, but the man minds his end of the ice. I’d take two Smids playing alongside each other if I could. Smid is often looked as a guy who “isn’t” this, or “isn’t” that. So long as he isn’t dropping his gloves, he can be whatever anyone thinks he isn’t.


Pretty sure that Smid gets nailed down for a contract. His current moment in time reminds me a bit of Sam Gagner’s contract. In Smid’s case, the Oilers will likely look to keep Smid’s RFA status for another year when his next contract runs up.

Thinking I know a thing or two about this franchise, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him sign a short deal (a year) with a slight raise – maybe up to $2M. Smid is a guy that I’d feel comfortable on the ice killing penalties, 5 on 5, or on the power play. On the current incarnation of the Oilers, I think he’s top 4 material. If the Oilers are able to avoid thirteen hundred man games lost to injury over the next few years, there’s still no doubt he’s top six material.


Smid is signed to a short term contract. His numbers stay similar to where they are, and he’ll log a very good amount of ice time on a defence corps that still has plenty to grow, Adam Larsson or not.

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