Proceeding with caution

The Long And Winding Road

We made it.

After today’s game versus the Colorado Avalanche, another season will be behind us.  Another year of too many injuries, too rusty, too young, too old, too shabby, and not polished enough will be a blip on the statistical radar after this afternoon.

Taylor Hall is pleased. Photo courtesy AP.

It’s a relief for the fans, but it’s got to be a relief for the players.  Certainly they’d like to win, but when you’re in the midst of a twelve game losing streak, it’s got to feel good to finally get the season over with.  And after this afternoon’s game against the Avalanche, the cloud that was the 2010-11 season will finally be slowly lifting.

And then, it’s back to work. It seems like we were just watching the Young Stars tournament in Penticton a month or so ago.

The draft lottery is this Tuesday, where it will be determined whether the Oilers will be picking first or second overall in this year’s draft.  Check out the lotto simulator courtesy of the Oilers’ official website. It looks strikingly similar to last year’s, however each time I click the button I don’t see that Boston won the draft and will pick first.  If you’d like to hook up with other like minded Oilers fans, there’s a tweetup at Hudsons Canadian Tap House Downtown.

From the Oilers web site:

On April 12, 2011 the NHL will host the Draft Lottery, and Oilers fans are invited to attend the exclusive Draft Lottery Tweetup at Hudsons Canadian Tap House Downtown. To RSVP for the event simply follow the Oilers on Twitter @NHL_Oilers for exclusive access.

Guests on the RSVP guest list will enjoy complimentary appetizers and two beverages courtesy of the Oilers, Hudsons and Molson.

You’re going to have to excuse me here, but I can remember not too long ago that management had a pretty hard nosed stance against blogs, so if you go to Hudson’s for a Tweetup and they’re going to feed you and ply you with a couple of beers on what appears to be their dime, go for it.  Make sure you RSVP, as I’d hate to see you lose your appetizers and beers in a slush fund that looks like The Money Sheldon Souray Is Making In The Minors. (EDIT: According to the Oilers, the RSVP list is full.  If you go, tell us how it is.  Rumour has it that both Taylor Hall and Ryan Whitney will be there.)

The draft will take place on June 24th in Minnesota.  I haven’t yet found a time for when it does, but by then I’m sure we’ll all have had it out as to why we need to draft Adam Larsson or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. There’s so many things that will need to be done to this team over the next few months in order to make it simply more competitive. Here’s hoping that the goaltending situation gets itself worked out

As for today’s game?  Enjoy it, as it’s the last one you’ll see that will count in the standings for the next four and a half months.

Who went to the game against the Wild? If you did, thanks for this.

Enjoy the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There’s lots to be done between now and September.

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