Is Devan Dubnyk Ready To Emerge As Edmonton's Number One In '11-'12?

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DEVAN DUBNYK – 2010-11

Dubnyk - Photo courtesy


2.87 GAA, .911 SV% and 1 SO

Contract – 800,000 for one more year (through July 1, 2012)


Devan Dubnyk isn’t ‘the answer’.  He is however, an acceptable answer.

Dubnyk might not be posting a .920 SV% next season, but I do know that he’s gotten progressively better over the past two years, enough so that I wouldn’t be afraid to see him start the season as the true blue number one goaltender.

Dubnyk is 24, a young age for a position where those who play it tend to progress a few years after their skating brethren. Dubnyk has been the more consistent player on a team where some periods are tilted 17-2 in the shots column away from the Oilers.

Oh, there have been some clunkers.  That’s to be expected from both guys, not just Khabibulin, or not just Dubnyk.  But, with Dubnyk, there have been less of them.  As a matter of fact, I can safely say that Dubnyk has been the reason that the Oilers have been kept in some of these games.

Climb back into your DeLorean a week to remember this one.

Take that, Jokinen.

Devan Dubnyk has one more year on his current contract, and then we’ll see if Oiler Brass are keen on keeping him around.  Perhaps a Dubnyk – Oliver Roy tandem isn’t that long out of the question.  We might even see Olivier Roy sooner than we expect, or our good buddy Jeff Deslauriers again.

Can you imagine if Dubnyk got twice as many starts this year as he did?  We might actually have a goaltender on this team that has 20 or more wins!  I’m not looking, but I’m pretty sure that Dwayne Roloson was the last guy the Oilers had mining the pipes who could own up to that claim.


  • Nikolai Khabibulin, while probably a really nice guy, needs to either bring sexy back, or be delegated to backup.  Or bought out.  Does anyone want a deal?  I’d be willing to take on a pretty awful contract to get Khabibulin over to Long Island.
  • Dubnyk might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but so far he’s holding himself alright.  A .911 SV% and a record that’s somewhere near .500 is a commendable feat on an Oiler team that could statistically finish worse than last year’s squad. Give him the starts. Could it really be any worse?
  • I like beer.   Most any kind
  • There are five games remaining in this season.  Then we’ll be able to put it to bed, and talk about the playoffs, and the draft.  So hold on tight.

Oilers and Vancouver get together for a good time tomorrow night.

Enjoy your weekend.

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