Dave Semenko would like a word. Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated

Water Water Everywhere

As encouraging as it was to see young Taylor Hall stand up for himself by dropping the gloves with Columbus forward Derek Dorsett, it was also evident that it was Taylor Hall’s first fight at the NHL level.

Unfortunately for Taylor Hall, it’s a high ankle sprain he suffered before limping off the ice last night. TSN reports that it’ll be eight weeks to recovery, and that would find us right in the middle of Edmonton’s non-existent playoff run at the beginning of May.

There’s a lot to take from when something like this happens.  It’s good to see Taylor Hall sticking up for himself – there’s nothing you want less than a guy who has a ‘soft’ target written on his back.

It isn’t difficult to see however that Dorsett may have taken a liberty or two with Taylor Hall on the way down to the ice.  And yes, it was obvious that Hall was looking for trouble, and should’ve taken his visor off before engaging in battle.  I agree with both of those statements.

What I have kind of a problem with is the fact that no one really did a damn thing after this fight.  You’ve got your franchise future on the sidelines in a boot, his season over.  Who goes out and sends a message?

No one did.

Somewhere, Dave Semenko shivers.

I don’t care if my star player was in the wrong.  If the next image of my player I see is him in a boot, there’s going to be tea taken at the next available opportunity.

This is Dave Semenko earning his groceries.  I realize that it’s a different culture now compared to 1981, but if you even so much as farted near Wayne Gretzky, Semenko was going to give you a little time in his office.

Dorsett had a bit over ten minutes of ice time.  You’re telling me that you couldn’t send the immortal JF Jacques out there for :45 seconds to introduce himself?  Dorsett already had a couple of fighting majors in Strudwick and Hall under his belt.  It’s not crazy to think he would’ve taken a third and the game misconduct that goes with it.

I don’t have a problem with Taylor Hall getting out there and getting his ass kicked.  When you fight, there’ s a chance that’ll happen.  When you twist my star rookie to the ice in a successful attempt to get a little ‘extra’, that’s when I send one of my guys out to deliver your mail.  If the team is going to give one-way contracts to guys like Jacques and MacIntyre, let them go out there and earn their pay.  This is **the reason** you have guys like those two on your team.  It surely isn’t for their teacup passing.

I’m not saying to go all Trevor Gillies or Chris Simon (or for that matter, Dino Ciccarelli) on the guy.  But when things like this go down, that’s when someone needs to ring up number 15 white.  Pronto.

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