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There is a time and a place for everything.

Robots, for instance.

Robots are great for a thousand things.  You know, bringing you coffee, balancing your chequebook, or to star in feature length pictures such as Short Circuit.

You can even seek out the companionship of a robot if you’re that way inclined.

But, there are places that better left free from robots.  The NHL is one of them.

Let’s jump back into the time machine and mosey on back to 1996.  Here’s some NHL on Fox snippets, containing the ridiculous Robots that would make their way onto the screen shortly after a goal.

I realize that this is just unintelligible fluff as a ten or fifteen second bumper between commercials and programming, but it’s ridiculous, and it adds nothing to the overall enjoyment of the game. What do we need to make the game more enjoyable?  (I heard you just scream something.  What was it?  Beer?)

Nope.  Robots.

With that in mind, I present to you, gentle reader – The Guardian Project

The Leaf.

Surely, you’ve seen the mess that this is.  Each team has

  • a superhero…who…
  • fights evil…with their…
  • special powers.

Like our good buddy here, The Maple Leaf.  According to his write up here, he’s a giant walking and talking maple tree.  Evildoers, beware.

One more, I just gotta.

The Oiler

Controls Wintery (sic) Weather Patterns and Oil Manipulation”

Sweet baby Jesus, what is this all about?

Does this market hockey to people who don’t watch the game?  Does this market the NHL to people who live in non-traditional markets?  Does this market hockey to people who are avid comic book aficionados that otherwise wouldn’t give two bits about the NHL?

Is this being marketed solely to children?

Will this have the backlash like Digger did in NASCAR?

My mind is so full of questions about this.  Is this as “cool” as the NHL on Fox robots?  What would possess someone to greenlight this?


Tomorrow, each and every one of the Guardians will COME TO LIFE in Raleigh, North Carolina at the NHL All-Star Game, and I think that’s the perfect time for this…thing to happen.  I hope Mike Milbury Don Cherry has something to say about it, as I’m sure his constructive comments will be full of praise and good cheer.

In all seriousness, if it’s a marketing campaign aimed towards children, then I can at least see where the idea is headed.  But is it?  The NHL has a hard enough time grabbing ratings in the USA (unless it’s an outdoor game on New Year’s Day), will a bunch of comic book characters paired off with National Hockey League teams really be a driving factor for anyone?

And now, fivepins. Check out the spared aces at 02:10.

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