Garth Snow was Québec's third goaltender behind Stéphane Fiset and Jocelyn Thibault in 1995.

In Support Of Chris Botta

If any other team knows futility like the recent incarnations of the Edmonton Oilers, it’s probably the New York Islanders.

Following both teams has been quite the task.  The Islanders made the playoffs last in 2006-07, the Oilers in 2005-06.  Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?

And, up until recently, the Islanders seemed to be embracing what the Oilers call “non-traditional websites”, or what you and I would call “blogs”.  The Islanders are known across the league for slipping attendance, and any enthusiasm would be met with open arms by the organisation, right?

Well, for Islanders independent blogger Chris Botta, not so much anymore.

I’ve often chastised the Oilers for their closed-door policy when it comes to bloggers (see the Covered In Oil incident if you’d really like to get my blood boiling), but the Islanders seemed to be on the ball on this one, until they recently pulled the press credentials of independent blogger Chris Botta.

Botta is no stranger to the Islanders – he’s the former media relations VP.  And, he’s put out quality material (click here for a gander).  Unfortunately for him, he’s now persona non grata as far as a press pass goes.  I’m sure that he’s welcome to spend $105 if he’d like to see the game from the stands.

According to Botta, the Islanders say he’s not doing his job.  Instead of “reporting the news, he was becoming the news“.

Botta goes on to explain that Garth Snow is the main reason why Botta’s no longer welcome to cover the Islander practises or games.

This sort of thing makes my head explode.  You’ve got quality people that aren’t in the mainstream that cover the team (and Botta really wasn’t a ‘blogger’, having worked with the team as the former media relations VP), lots of them do it for free, your team is getting great press, and you…turn them away.  Yes, of course.

I really wonder what goes through Garth Snow’s head if he’s the one who made the call here.  When Edmonton allows thirty-one goals over the last six games, do you see anyone writing positive things about the team?  Of course not.   I can only imagine that Snow lost his mind at something either he himself read about Scott Gordon getting the boot.

Maybe Newsday puts a positive spin on losing eleven times in a row?

What am I getting at? Chris Botta is some guy who covers the Islanders, and I’d venture to bet that he got his press credentials revoked because of something he said that wasn’t A+ with management.  Why a team that’s on an eleven game losing streak would revoke the press credentials of a guy who covers the team sort of befuddles me – I mean, the Islanders have a hard enough time getting 8,000 people out to see a game, and Snow is too busy revoking blogger press privileges from a guy spitting out quality information about the team.

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