"We Are Looking For Athletic Girls In Good Physical Condition"

Good news for you aspiring cheerleaders in the Edmonton area – The Oilers need your help.  And if you fit this post’s title description (as used by the Oilers), then you might be of assistance to the organisation.

And, I might need a drink.

Is this the worst thing in the world?  Well…no.  As much as I want to be the old guy on the top of the mountain getting raged out at this, I can’t come down that hard.  You can bet that I never in my life would’ve thought the words “Edmonton Oilers” and “Cheerleaders” would ever have been next to each other in the same sentence.

No doubt, eye candy will certainly divert attention fro at least a few Oiler faithful during game play, this could undoubtedly serve as a benefit during games such as Saturday’s 6-1 fiasco versus San Jose.

In all seriousness, this represents a somewhat concerning and continuing slide into the Americanization of our game.  As any of you reading this already know, you don’t have to promote the selling of Oiler tickets.  They just sell.  They’re like hot dogs on Coney Island.  Some folks have been season ticket holders since 1979, and some since 1972.  And, as any Oiler fan knows, the Dallas Cowboys, this franchise ain’t.  And fans don’t want the Oilers to be the Cowboys.

But is it really so bad?  If the Oilers want to bring a half dozen cute girls on board, dress ‘em up in Oiler colours and have them clap along, is it really so bad?

Over the top?  Yeah.

Wholly unnecessary?  That too.

Evil incarnate?  Eh.  The defence could use some work before we all go crazy on cheerleaders.

Later on, we’ll have a preview of tonight’s clash with Calgary.  Keep ‘em peeled.

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