Sharks 6, Oilers 1 - Feel The Burn

Remember how much fun we had after the first game of the season? Lads, you should’ve seen it.  I was as excited as a schoolgirl on her way to the sock hop who had the prettiest lad of the bunch in tow.

The Sharks game, this wasn’t it.  Rather, it was nasty and brutish, and everything you’d expect.

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s open up with the good stuff first.

Jordan Eberle provides us with another showstopper, this one while shorthanded. Now, if you can get Jordan Eberle the puck on a breakaway six or seven times per game, I’d say there’s a chance the Oilers don’t get beat by five goals against San Jose.

  • Team is six games into the season, not surprisingly it’s business as usual on defence.  San Jose outshot the Oilers 34-22, and the Corsi numbers stand to prove.  When Ryan Jones and Stortini are stat leaders, it could stand to be a long night.
  • I haven’t taken a look at the statistics, but I’d bet you a b0wl of Fruit Loops that the Oilers are near the top of the league in penalties taken.  The penaly kill is putting in extra hours, and it’s showing on the scoresheet.  Edmonton allowed three goals while on the PK on Saturday.

Speaking of Stortini, here he is getting mugged by Jamal Mayers, and then turning it into something a little better than nothing. Mayers picked up a two-five-ten for this little episode, and Stortini got to wrestle for a minute.

As much as I love a surprise, this game ended pretty much the way I would’ve expected.  Too much time on the penalty kill, San Jose’s talent up front, and a disproportionate amount of shots allowed versus shots taken all equal a pretty big drubbing.

Team Oilers taken on the Calgary Flames once more at the Saddledome tomorrow night.  Pregame up tomorrow, postgame hopefully fuelled by a couple of celebratory cocktails.

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