Ab DeMarco 1977-78 Edmonton Oiler sweater - photo courtesy ClassicAuctions.net

Some More Preaching From The Pulpit

A couple of posts ago, I had a conversation with RyanB about how I’d like to see the Oilers organisation honour their WHA roots a bit more.

And, when I say “a bit more”, I mean…let’s start by at least acknowledging there was a time it existed.

I suggested a good place to start would be to trolley out the 1972 Alberta Oilers jerseys for a half dozen or so games a year.

Wanna see some?

1972 Alberta Oilers John Fisher Sweater - photo courtesy ClassicAuctions.net

Oh, great God, Is there any Edmonton Oilers fan out there that wouldn’t like to see these roughly six, maybe eight times a year?   I would just about fall out of my shoes if I could see these in action.   THAT, friend, is a sweater.  It’s full of nostalgia, pride, and heritage.  It comes complete with the ALBERTA name bar, a style that was used for a very short period of time, and it’s the best thing you’ve seen all day.

**LOOK AT THAT FONT!** 1972-73 Jim Harrison Alberta Oilers Sweater - photo courtesy hfboards.com

A close second choice (and probably a likelier chance of happening) would be a sweater like this – one with the actual player’s name bar on the back above the number.  And take a look at that font! I’d go for these in a heartbeat also.  Same as the previous sweater, only difference is the name bar.  The font is part of the package.  If we had a chance to see these with actual player name bars, the font would have to come with it.  Bloody brilliant.

Another possibility would be this ditty worn from 1974 until 1979 – the Edmonton Oilers sweater with an especially orange crest.  While not nearly as exciting as the first two opportunities, it’s a beautiful option nonetheless.

I’d really like to see the team hit the ice in one of the first two sweater options for a handful of home games – perhaps when the team’s ACTUAL 40th anniversary comes around, Edmonton could play it like Montréal did for their 100th anniversary, where the team would wear a certain sweater in their team’s history for one game, and perhaps another for a different game.

The ideas are endless, and it’s all in the name of franchise history. The Sabres are (thankfully) going back to their classic logo this year for their 40th anniversary.  The Islanders have gone full circle too.  Johnny Canuck has made a comeback in Vancouver.  You see teams like Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit kicking it old school for events like the Winter Classic.

Granted, those teams always were NHL teams, but so what. You’ve got this rich heritage, and with that heritage comes these colourful swaths of fabric.

Why not celebrate it?

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